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First of all, this game is set in space. So there will be no knights, soldiers or any character that shows you the idea of fighting and battles. The game’s main objective is to race against co-spacemen and to get over the obstacles in the race. These obstacles make the race even more exciting and challenging. Aside from space racing, you also get mini games to play with to stop you getting bored.

If you are a gamer that loves action, this game is for you. Why? It has lots of obstacles to get rid of and a lot of things to do in a level like picking up things and catching up on something. This means that a certain level is packed with actions to do and obstacles and challenges to finish. If you like being challenged a lot, and then you have to try Planet 51. There are levels that you will find faster than the others. In other words, you have to keep up with the levels of difficulties of each and every level of the game. Though the game is very simple, it is action packed because of what you will be going through for each level. This is inspired by the movie of the same title, so expect a few familiar scenes from the game. There are also other clips that came from the movie shown in the game.

The depth and plot of the game is very simple, however, the challenges add more excitement to it. The graphics are fine showing good resemblance of how it is to be in the moon. The audio is also good as you can hear realistic sounds from the game. The challenges shown in the game are not really difficult, but since there are too many to win over, you will somehow be challenged to finish them all quickly.

Planet 51 gives you a quite complete package in a game. You get exciting racing and lots of challenges that make it challenging. If you can finish the game without any difficulties, then you are a super gamer. It is fun and can be played even by kids. The scenes are refreshing as you do not see tanks or guns. If you want a game that is relaxing and just give you plain gaming fun, then you should try Planet 51.