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Buzz: Brain Bender’s brain bending puzzles will not make your mind bend but will flex it a little. The game contains simple right up to super tough puzzles many of which you will not have seen before and some old chestnuts dressed up in another guise. Graphics and presentation are, in my opinion, secondary considerations but in this case are up to the job. The puzzles are obviously well researched and, as far as I could see, error free. Each puzzle can be played with different levels of difficulty. So as a starter, you can go with the easy level and challenge yourself to go up to the difficult level as you finish each puzzle. The puzzles are categorized into four headings, namely, observation, memory, analysis, and mathematical. For me the memory ones are the best. Your score for each puzzle also depends on the time you take to solve it. There are 16 puzzles that you have to attempt with 15 challenge levels.

Ultimately, the Buzz: Brain Bender is entertaining, challenging and enjoyable, making it something that will make you want to play over and over again. The game itself will make you enjoy up to the last puzzle that you will encounter. This is a fresh change to be played on Wii. It is a good thing to play something that will work on your mind and strategy rather than playing with fights and battles all day.

My friend bought this game a couple of months ago and he’s hardly put it down since. If I had a copy I’d be the same. You could say that it’s a game for a wet Wednesday, true, but it’s also a game for a dry Wednesday, or any other day. There is a lot to keep you busy. I would recommend it to everyone!