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Just like any Command and Conquer title, Red Alert 3 holds carries on the series’ high reputation for excitement, thrills and enjoyment. Its every level, scene and moment truly makes it standout among Xbox 360 games. Though the idea of the game is simple and intuitive it has a lot of content.

As for the graphics and design, Red Alert 3 on Xbox 360 is quite different. I was a little surprised as I have played it on PC for years and years. Though the screen size is limited, the graphics still show a sharp, crisp and clear view of what the scene should look like (pretty impressive actually). Your screen will be filled with color and action with this Command and Conquer game; scenes and views appear realistic, characters and vehicles are a bit small but detailed. Getting around the game is also simple. There are no complicated action boxes or choices that take too much time before you can get on with the game. There are simple steps to take weapons, change figures or take your defenses. Every action in this game is easy which is why more people even the youngsters are so hooked with this game. It is more focused on the enjoyment of the player rather than its technicalities. I have played it with my mates for about 2-3 months now. There is a ton of replay value with this game as well.

The Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a game where you can just sit down and enjoy every scene, level and action. Its challenges are made for those who have been following the Command and Conquer series. If you are one of them, it will be easy to get into and understand the controls. All in all, this game is something that all gamers can enjoy while being challenged to play more. You need to strategize and always be alert to make sure that you win the challenges. This edition of the Command and Conquer lived up to its name. I can honestly say that I was impressed with this game and do recommend it to everyone!