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Gamers may be wondering why this remake was ever made when the original game was already popular and has become a hit. I have been playing these Tomb Raider games since the dawn of time, though. The original game had a few problems when it was launched, and now with a remake, it was made better and close to perfect. It had more action, adventure and challenges inserted into the game to make it more exciting and interesting for gamers.

The plot and story of the game also followed the original game. It was an impressive recreation of the original game to make it a highly recommendable new game. There are still lots of enemies like the original; rats, bats gorillas, crocodiles and a lot more. Weapons also come in plenty like pistols, shotguns and explosives. Expect the same great moves from Lara Croft.

There are tons of action, obstacles and puzzles waiting for the heroine of the game. The Anniversary gave more puzzles and bigger space to move in. This will give Lara Croft more room to make her famous moves. Aside from the usual missions that she has to accomplish, you can also explore her mansion. I like beating the shit out of the butler! Who's doesn't! This is where you can practice her moves. Secrets are to be found but this time, it is more difficult making you cram for time. So like Lara Croft, you need to do anything to finish your mission and get to the goal that you are to achieve.

The graphics are tremendously better than the original one. It is graphically rich as experts say. The voice acting is very clear and accurate. The audio was done perfectly. The plot was like the original one which is already okay. And the game play had become amazingly better. Seriously, if you played the original you will be surprised how much better this one is.

All in all, this remake of the original Tomb Raider has made its sense. It is packed with action that gamers are looking for in a game that stars Lara Croft. It is more exciting and challenging. You can never get a better Tomb Raider game like this. If you are looking for a cool action packed game to play in your PSP, Tomb Raider is highly recommended.