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Pilots of jets or military planes were always thought of as hunks, cool and brave, and to see them in a game like Ace Combat will surely inspire the male groups to play this game more especially those who have been addicted with fast planes before. Having the experience to fly a jet even in just a game is still as exciting as ever.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault has all the ingredients to make an exciting game that male gamers will definitely enjoy. It has excitement, complexity and drama. Flying an airplane or jet will always be included in a little boy's dream and to be able to control a jet in a game will surely make their dream a reality. I have played this game for hours upon hours and the controls do seem to be a bit touchy but after awhile you will have it down. Don't just think you are going to jump right in; there is a pretty big learning curve. There will be places where the jets will be flying to and each place has its own special mission to accomplish.

There will be shooting, explosives and a lot of fighting. And of course flying the jet is the main attraction of the game. The game may be played by a single player or multiplayer. You may be able to limit the rank, abilities and attacks of a certain jet in your team. So there will be unending fighting on air for this game which others may find boring. But for those who are truly fans of jets and pilots, this is the game for them.

The graphics are alright but not amazing. The audio and voice acting is also okay. The presentation and plot of the game is not very original, and the game play is simple. Anything that has to do with flying jets and its processes are in this game. This game should not be tried by anyone who wants adventure in the games they play. This is an all action and combat type of game. This is the game for men and young boys.

All in all, it is still enjoyable to think that a game that focuses on mid air fighting is created. It gives people who have long lost ambitions of becoming a pilot the chance to fly a jet only in the virtual world. I would rate this game 8/10 and highly recommend it to anyone that likes flight sims.