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As the title says, this game is all about hunting monsters; there’s not much of a storyline, so don't expect one. Seriously, the storyline is non existent, but don't get me wrong the game is epic. You also get to play cooperative games. You will be experiencing quests, rewards, weapons, and crafts. You may get to think that this is an all adventure game but it has added extras like farming and animal culture. In other words, the game is somehow confusingly fun.

The farming part is very good, it gives you a lot of work to do which will keep you busy and prevent you from getting bored. You can also be playing cooperative with friends which is very enjoyable to do. But when you get to the part where you need to hunt down the monsters, this is where the action is. You will be doing fighting, combats and battles. But before you get in the hunting part, training will first be conducted. The things that you will be doing in the training are exactly what you will do in hunting part. So there really is sense of putting in the training part. Maybe this is just a way to lengthen the game. You will be going through quest and win over challenges like in every game. There are three quests that you need to get over; gathering, hunting and slaying. For the gathering quest, you will be getting herbs, mushrooms, or hides that can be collected from the flora and fauna of a given environment. In the hunting quest, you will be after a beast. And in the slaying quest, you will be killing several enemies. These will all have different challenges that you need to win over.

The graphics of the game is good. The audio and voice acting are also good. The presentation and plot are somehow misleading as you might get lost in the game if you really do not follow from scene to scene. The game play is a bit different but the difficulty and challenges are common. However, the farming and cooperative scenes are good and impressive.

All in all, Monster Hunter Freedom is fun and at the same time confusing, you really cannot identify the connection from hunting down to farming. But still, this is a good game to play especially with friends. The cooperative play is the best part of the game. If you love farming, you can just stay in the part where you will be dealing with the farm. It is still unique and gives us a fresher way to play games on your PSP. I have to repeat that you really NEED to play it with friends though; it is really at its best when enjoyed with your mates!