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The world is dying from the pollution caused by the environment being abused by mankind. Humans have created and expeimental tower, Basel, which is now the only place where they can survive. But that too is suffering a similar fate. Areas closed down and the life sustaining machinery is now turning out monsters. A group known as the Cardinals, from the upper classes, who literally live above their servants, while the poorest of the poor scrape together an existence at the bottom of the tower, exploit the rest. Three so called Hunters, from the middle classes, who are money motivated are the main characters. Vashyron, who is the senior and the leader, Zephyr and Leanne.

The story lacks any substance through many of the game's chapters but when the story does pick up, it is told through dramatic flashbacks. While some may find the quirky characters endearing, many will be turned off by their immature attempts at humor.
I thought the idea of an idiotic Cardinal by named Master Pater quite amusing.

Making up for a weak story, the unique combat system is a real gem. There's no magic or special attacks to use Resonance of Fate. It's all about guns and grenades. The flow of combat is confusing to begin with, so check out the tutorial. Moving the three characters strategically around the battlefield is a necessity as is a careful play between attacks using machine guns and handguns, both of which do different types of damage. There are a few side quests to go on and a few fights at the Arena. I found the world map to be unique and much more fun than a simple place for random battles.

The tower is breaking down and that has caused many areas to become impassable without first applying an energy spell. These can be got through story events or through battles, which allows you to see the entire map right from the start and yet still have some areas blocked off.

Unfortunately, the world map is plain boring to look at and that carries through to the visuals and sound. The dress options for the characters are very detailed. The voice work is good in places and bad in others. Resonance of Fate won't go down as a classic RPG, but it will give those looking for something different a nice adventure.