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This is a continuation of the Metroid series published by Tecmos in conjunction with Nintendo. The game is made to use exclusively Wii remote and is a third person scrolling camera with a feeling of the old Metroid experience. There is a Dynamic 3D camera, and a good focus on the camera style of storytelling. The controls in this game are straightforward that makes the game more playable, this is however a hardcore gamers experience.

When the game begins, we find the main character from previous titles, Samus the Hunter, battling with Mother Brain, carying on where Super Metroid left off with the baby Metroid having sacrificed itself to save the hunter and help her conquer the monster. The game is produced on an epic scale. Unlike in the other games in the series Samus, who has been quiet in all the previous games, now has a voice. Her character here is more human like with her here having a personality and emotions and you connect with her from the first moment she speaks.

The game turns around a mysterious situatiuon aboard Bottle Ship which is a decommissioned space station. Samus sets about doing her investigations and she is met by soldiers of the Galatic Federation, whose leader is familiar to her from her past. Basically the game dwells too much on Samus past and her relationship with the space station commanding officer Adam. Throughout the story you are exposed to her emotions, not my favorite aspect of the game. The game which lasts for about ten hours and more than half of that time is spent watching cut scenes.

In the game there are times you will have to jump into the first person mode, to target enemies. The way of jumping from first person to third person is by forward and backward movements when you use the Wii pointer function.

There are incentives which will keep you going, there are hidden items and extra pick-ups and the skill required to get them makes the game satisfying and gratifying. The game has an engaging story that Nintendo has so perfectly put together. Better than many