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You are given a choice as to whether you want to play as The Doctor or his assistant, Amy Pond, as you assist a spaceship, the Lucy Gray, in returning to earth. Along the way you will get to meet the Doctor’s old enemies the Cybermen and the Dalek’s.

The basic game mechanics is all about shooting crystals and orbs, each with colors which designate their function. Shooting green crystals will unlock doors, while yellow stones set off disruption, red for the action button, purple turns on machines, orange for unlocking rewards and bonuses, and blue prompts finished minigames. You can keep six crystals and they it can be collected from “brothers”, a type of crystal dispenser. For you to gather these crystals, avoid its cone of vision, by doing standing still and firing at the crystal holding the ‘A’ button, while in aiming mode, and targeting it with your pointer, pressing B in shooting the crystal.

Regular enemies have their cones of vision similar to the brothers. When they spot you, move away from their vision, so as not to be fired at. Other enemies can be difficult, some need to be destroyed, and some should be lured into traps. When finishing a level, you also need to pass two minigames; the first one is the manipulation of an electrified ball in a circuit board puzzle. This puzzle contains complex doors and laser grids which is also tricky. The second one is, through the use of laser beams, destroying closing asteroids, relentlessly approaching on collision course.

The overall presentation is average, not your high-quality graphics but still very passable. While the gameplay offers fun, it lacks complexity as the mission, the enemies and minigames aren’t too challenging for a serious gamer who wants some hard play mode in a game. Throughout the game, the storyline, based on a story by the original Doctor Who author, although varied, is clearly defined so you always know what is going on. Doctor Who fans will have no problem relating to this game, but then, nor should anybody else.