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Wisps, tiny aliens, feature in this game, and by capturing and saving them Sonic gets new powers. These powers give him the ability to transform different weapons and transports (e.g. rocket). The players can also transform and explore the Sonic World in various forms, and by means of these transformations, players can repeat playing each Zone trying to open up other new scenarios.

The zones have interesting and varied features such as theme parks with roller coasters, mountains, Japanese buildings etc. The boss attacks need some patience, skill and timing to ward of or win, with smart use of Zone's specific Wisp helping you to avoid and block these attacks. Aside from the main mission, there are also side challenges and special missions by way of distraction.

Sonic multiplayer is much more interesting and is basically involves two players competing against each other to reach higher levels the fastest. It's not too difficult, and can be played both over wifi or locally. Between all the boss battles and Wisp-gathering, there are also many dialogues taking place between Sonic and his sidekick, Big the Cat. These dialogues act as a prelude to a mission and can be essential for obtaining useful information. There is also a map which shows connections from each zone to other zones. It's an important guide to knowing and keeping track of where you are and where you are heading.

The most appealing part of the game, as with all Sonics, is its unfaltering pace. There are no long breaks and every zone gives a continuous unbroken gameplay, and the 3D boss finale is a surreal and visually stunning experience. Packed with replayable stages, missions and a multiplayer feature, this game can be played time and time again without loss of interest or boredom.