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The Tetris Party Deluxe version of the game is simply a replica of the usual Tetris you’ve played before, with many added and more complex variations. It contains several special modes and some of which are nearly as much fun as the original, and in my opinion, unbeatable standard Tetris; and I have played a lot of it over the years.

The Deluxe version has additional games. There are six included new ones included in the package, some of the play modes include Master, which is the play mode that start at speedy rate; Bombliss, which is done by bombing columns of blocks, Sprint that requires destroying 40 lines in a minimal time, Coop VS Coop required two pairs to compete one another in a field, Stage Racer asks to take control of the Tetris blocks. In Field Climber, you will encounter tetriminos or the falling blocks so the climber could go up on top. The Shadow Mode requires finishing a puzzle with a shadow emerging from the background, and this is one of the most challenging Tetris game as it uses irregularly shaped tetriminos.

Tetris Party Deluxe comes with a Balance Board Support. This mode can be played on a smaller set-up and with more unusual blocks but the mechanics is still the same. Leaning front or back will plunge the tetramino, leaning left or right will move the block. The control might not be that accurate but the balance board provides a more unconventional way of playing this games.

Apart from the balance board, a new feature is added which is playing with a three AI opponent. Of course, this applies to each new play modes. In this setting, you can block an opponents’ tetriminos into spinning or fire blocks in his grid. In Duel Space Mode, players drop blocks one at a time and compete in covering the board’s area. This game is an enjoyable option from other simple modes.

Overall, the additional play modes are challenging; especially the Shadow and Field Climber. And it did meet some expectations from the players since it is full of original ideas which are honestly fun and exciting.