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This game teaches a method to relax the eyes and to help certain visual functions improve. The couse is designed by a recognized expert in visual training who has helped, among others, professional athletes. In this “game,” you perform certain sets of exercises daily and the improvements are tracked by graphs. By its installed calendar, your daily training is monitored and by doing it regularly, you’ll earn a stamp and after two weeks, another exercise. There is also a testing program that detects Eye Age and it will tell you what else to work on.

The games are pretty unusual. In the Middle Match, it concentrates on symbol comparisons and how quick you are in spotting details. In Number Flash, you have to memorize and go over a short number sequence. For Letter Count, letter appears on screen randomly and you have do count how many times a certain letter or letters appeared. In Box Tap, by using the stylus you tap the colored blocks that appear on the screen.

There are also exercises and sports games. In Boxing, touch the boxer’s gloves to raise them and draw a line for defense. In Table Tennis, to hit the ball back, you have to move the paddle with the stylus. In Basketball, players are in red and white uniforms and you just have to tap the one in white. Other sports are soccer, volleyball, baseball, and American football. It is quite fun to play and absolutely simple. There are no minigames or unlock feature in this game. When you complete the exercise, you check your focus ability with Eye Age. After which, you have to play again all the games in the day to check your sight status.

Overall, the game still provide fun and enjoyment although you might feel dull when repeatedly played. After all, this game isn’t for entertainment purpose but more on eyesight development.