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Near the top of the league of Wii games, Red Steel 2 is set in a sort of hybrid, pseudo-futuristic western world with oriental type buildings and Japanese characters together with warring Samurai groups. No reason or explanation, that's just the way it is.

You are known as The Swordsman, and with your city, Caldera, in trouble and your clan absent, guess who has to save the city and seek revenge. Strangely your sword is used than your six shooters in what is a strange mixture of eastern and western cultures. It is here where the MotionPlus control comes in and it needs a little explanation. While exploring the charts you use the Wii's Nunchuk to move back and forth and to strafe, and the remote to move your view, aim and shoot. Slashing up/down, left/right brings on the expected attack, as will thrusting forwards. You can block with a press of the A button, but strong attacks need you to block with the remote tilted in the right position. Its a tiring business. There are even more complicated moves that can only be mastered with much practice.

All visuals are well designed, detailed and easy on the eye; the scenery especially.

As the game goes on more and more side-quests appear with more bonus missions to complete. But the later stages and the higher difficulty settings, for some players, may present a problem in the shape of too many strong enemies tending to throw the auto-targetting off target. There are extra strengths and combat skills to counter this but you may well be pushed beyond your limits. Of course you can always adjust the difficulty settings.

This is a very busy action filled game which lives up to expectations. Don't forget you need the Wii MotionPlus to play, although there are other versions of the game.