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A continuation of Assassin's Creed, the story continues where that sory left off with Desmond Miles escaping from the Templars with the help of Lucy and joining her group of resistance fighters. Desmond takes a look back at his ancestors' past roles as assassins. While about this he takes on the past role of Ezio in 15th century Firenze. There are a lot of links to the previous game so it helps if you have played it, but you'll get by without it anyway.

Assassin's Creed was thought by some to be rather repetitive but that's not the case here. The missions are of many varieties. The side missions can become a bit tedious but their only reason is to gain some extra money and if you don't want it don't do them. Ezio is a champion freerunner and a bit of a dab hand stabbing, making for acrobatics and creatively gorey murder methods. Even the great Leonardo Da Vinci lends a hand.

Ezio's capers make money which can buy weapons, ammunition and other sundry equipment. He can also use it to pimp his home city of Monteriggioni and in return a more beautiful city is received and a cut of the profits. There's also lots of collecting to do; weapons, paintings, armor, and the like.

All this is set in beautifully built cities which are all worlds in themselves and open to adventure. Running over rooftops as you do, pushing down some baddies, or quietly sauntering around town, please yourself.

The music adds to the ambience and there is also a commentary from people passing by when you're going nuts doing acrobatics and you can always listen in on covert conversations.

The camera can be difficult at times with nonsensical angles, and sometimes the images seem to have a mkind of their own, and during races this can be a problem. But for the most the part the visuals are up to the job.

Then the DRM problem; any problems with the internet or internet servers and you are doomed. However most of us will be OK in this respect. However we could do without the problem and it will cost sales.

The game itself is well playable and visually attractive. High marks all round.