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An explosion in the delapidated Croft Manor that seems to have been caused by Lara herself, blows most of her possessions away. Her once faithful sidekick, Zip even has a couple of shots at her. The story then goes back a week and we find Lara in the Mediterranean looking for clues as to the location of King Arthur's fabled burial place, Avalon, and its there where Lara’s nemesis, Amanda, claims Lara’s mother may be trapped. Along the way Lara will find an unsolved mystery left by her father that will lead her on a quest for Thor’s Hammer,in the process visiting Thailand, Southern Mexico, a stronghold in the Arctic Sea, and even the unknown depths of Croft Manor.

The story follows familiar Lara Croft lines, but adventures aside, it’s the puzzles that stand out, imaginative and thought provoking. Underworld features fantastic battles against fantastic beasts and grotesque monsters, but the fights against humans are not so deftly handled; but there’s far less human combat in this game than in others in the series.

The visual content is a delight and with the remarkable soundtrack the game takes on a very well rounded feel. After half a days playtime I reached the astonishing finish; it would have been well worth a journey of twice that time. As with even the best games there are a couple of trivial technical problems but these are of a minor nature and do not spoil the overall excellence of the game itself.