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Sight Training DS Unlockables

Daily Training Bonuses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: For the bonuses that require a specific number of stamps, collect the indicated number of stamps by completing the daily recommended training activities.

"C" Count: 7 stamps.
Basketball: 4 stamps.
Circle Spot: 5 stamps.
Custom Training mode: 1 stamp.
Eye Knowledge mode: 14 stamps.
Fast Match: 9 stamps.
Football: 10 stamps.
Letter Count: 3 stamps.
Number Tap: 11 stamps.
Record Challenge mode: 13 stamps.
Soccer: 8 stamps.
Stamp Design No. 5: 12 stamps.
Stamp Design No. 6: 15 stamps.
Stamp Design No. 7: 23 stamps.
Stamp Design No. 8: Get a 100% score on any activity under the Hard difficulty.
Table Tennis: 2 stamps.
Volleyball: 6 stamps.

Hard Versions

Earn the highest rank for an activity to unlock hard mode for that specific activity. Note: Core activities require an "Advanced" rank of 80%. Sports activities require a "Pro" rank of 90%. Alternately, the hard versions will eventually become unlocked after you keep getting stamps after reaching a total of fifteen.

Holiday Greetings

Set the system date to New Year's Day, Halloween, Christmas, or your birthday to get an alternate greeting.