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Mud TV. is a management sim that is supposed to give a taste of the intricate workings of the medium of television. Its extremely full of the things involved in the everyday running of things as well as the political and social angles of the busines. I have no idea how true to life it is, but if it is accurate then I have no idea why anyone would want to work in the industry.

You’re encouraged to study viewing habits, spy on your competitors and then sabotage their chat shows, that's fine. But the simulation breaks down into trivia. Intellectual actors slow down productions, but big egos make them work faster. In-game email alerts offer truncated messages, chopping off essential details. Interfaces are cluttered with text, obscuring vital information. The game wants you to be fiddling constantly, so it creates meaningless work.

Everything seems to have something wrong or missing to frustrate your efforts. The company revenue comes from advertisements, but the factors affecting it are difficult to assess and clicking on an ad won’t tell you if you’ve already assigned it a slot in your schedule unless it’s already been broadcast. You pay massive fines for missing deadlines through no fault of your own. Even using the basic facilities of your station requires you to physically move your avatar there. You have to catch an elevator to the lobby when you want to hire an employee or buy an ad. Hardly true to life. A new program doesn’t simply appear on a list available for airing, you have to go through all the procedures leading up to that point for yourself.

So much is buried beneath trivia, pointless detail and the game's insistance that you travel around your own media empire like a messenger boy, that the game really give you a chance to achieve anything of substance.

Any comments on graphics or sound are irrelevant as the game is certainly a non starter as serious simulation of the TV indsutry. But as just a simulation it is useful practice in getting around a simulation and so worth a couple of points.