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If you’re one of those addicted to gaming and you have been waiting for new and incredible games to play in your chosen console, then the wait is finally over. The latest installment of the Final Fantasy is available in the Xbox 360 game console. You can now enjoy new adventures made in a very creative and polished game interface.

Final Fantasy has been considered to be one of the best role playing games in the gaming industry. It has been known to have very interesting characters, elaborate stories, and multifaceted battle systems. Now with the new installment, a more straightforward approach is used in the entire game overarching some well-loved series traditions. But fans of the game series will never be disappointed because the battle system and the narrative remain as strong as those in the past versions of the game.

Fans and gamers will get to experience the exciting adventure of Final Fantasy XIII featuring 6 different characters, with Lightning taking the lead role. Reminiscent of Final Fantasy VI, you hold control over the 6 different characters in different times and get to frequently jump between different characters. In terms of story structure, fans and gamers will enjoy the multi-story approach as well as the cool use of flashbacks throughout the game story.

Themes stay very relevant to the game play of Final Fantasy XIII. And one of the highlights is the establishment of a dynamic link between the two worlds of Final Fantasy XIII – Pulse and Cocoon. Interestingly, Final Fantasy incorporates mythology, such as some of the major religions in the world; into the entire game play, with the inclusion of gods called fal’Cie to protect humanity. The relationship of the humans and their fal’Cie counterparts is also shown creatively in the entire game.

Final Fantasy XIII also delivers a very interesting and solid battle system. The game starts with a simple menu-driven system; then it gradually develops into a more complex and challenging system. The classic ATB or Active Time Battle Principle is also utilized in the entire game. Players are able to do numerous tricks in a single action with the multi-slot ATB gauge. Because the game has an attack queue system, players are able to build up combos and conduct other important tasks when the situation gets difficult.

Each character of Final Fantasy XIII is crucial; and survival in this game depends on the performance and interaction among the characters, unlike in the past versions where a job system has been set up. This installment also has six roles and by the end of the game all the characters would have had access to each role, which will ultimately be the deciding factor on how well you play the game. These roles are what keep the game totally heart-pounding and leave you gasping for breath. The battles are kept crisp, robust and exciting by all the role-playing, which is most essential in RPG.

One interesting thing about this version is the swanky grouping of the roles called Paradigms where players can shift roles at any part of the game as may be deemed most suitable to deal with any given situation. This role switching – or what you may call Paradigm shift – heightens the tension and the thrilling sensation; which is why this game is such fun to play. There’s none of the mundane, dull moves to this game.

Final Fantasy XIII is not without its share of issues. The linearity of the game is still very apparent Players will also get to notice of the linearity; although it’s not really enough of a problem to distract you from the fun part. Also very noticeable is the obvious absence of the mini games, which Final Fantasy has been well known for and has even become a trademark. Also bothersome is the lack of New Game + option, which is now very common in RPGs. It could get frustrating when players couldn’t go back and re-experience the thrill of the earlier portions of the game without having to start from scratch.

With all those great game features, the little problems become negligible really. You can still enjoy a great JRPG that sports a challenging, fast-paced and absolutely satisfying battle system. Despite the few drawbacks, the game is still truly worth buying.