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Decepticon or Autobot, good or evil; which do you want to be today?. Transformers: War for Cybertron gives you the choice. The action takes place in the course of a civil war between those two sides with the aim of controlling Cybertron and Meagatron is out to harness the power of Dark Energon to the advantage of the Decepticons.

The action is better than good, but the characters are better still, running around doing gamey things like picking up guns and ammunition, health and shield powerups and the like, and using them to blast the other side. The defining difference between this and the many similar games of its type, and its saving grace, is the ability to change form animate being to animated machine at will and at any time. The animations depicting the actual transformations are stunning and imaginatively well designed. The ones that take place when airborne are especially spectacular. It is a pity that the visual textures do not do justice to these transformations, or indeed to the rest of the game.

After completing the a campaign on the side of the Decepticons and starting over as an Autobot for more missions, I didn't really find a great deal of difference between the two modes. The pattern of action is pretty similar; a few robots to fight, some mini-boss battles and ending in a superbattle between Omega Supreme and Trypticon, the autobot and Decepticon chiefs respectively.

Yet despite all that, what you do get is a very good game, possibly the best Transformer title so far. Apart from the graphic texturing the presentation is fine. A good yarn which could have a little more variety, being wholly set in Cybertron, but well worth some time and money.