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When we talk about Dragon Ball, gamers can always relate to the name as this is the most popular animation during their time. It certainly has been during my time! The anime world has gone crazy and many gamers are just so into the characters of the games. This anime game and its characters first became famous due to the animated TV show and even movies. So, anybody who hears about Dragon Ball, the game, will certainly be interested to play it immediately. This review will give you a brief idea of what is inside this game. This review of this Dragon Ball edition will show you how this game becomes as exciting as gamers would expect it to be. However, does it live up the hype?

The Raging Blast is the newest addition in the long series of games under the Dragon Ball name. This game offers lots of action, humor and empowering fight scenes. Most movements and action are adapted from the series. There are different modes to play in this game. There is a training mode wherein Goku trains Gohan of the different techniques and attacks that they can use. In this mode, you get to practice different kinds of attacks like dash, charge, smash and some defense moves. So before you get into the real fight, you can first practice the attacks that you can do. This will also get you familiarize with the buttons and controls of the game.

There will be different sagas to play; the Saiyan sage, Frieza saga and Androids saga. There will be lots of fighting in these sagas that you must win over. I found a couple of them to be very hard to complete. I even asked myself why am I even trying, this is impossible! There will also be scenes or moments taken from the TV animation or movies. These will let you relive the memorable moments of the characters of the game. As you play the sagas, you will be able to unlock characters, gain special skills and powers and pick up items that you can use to improve your defense against enemies.

Aside from the story saga that you can play, there are a variety of fighting game modes to enjoy like Arcade, Survival, Time Attack and Tournament. This gives you the chance to compete with 16 other players. You can also do the online combat which gives you connections to other online players.

What I don't like about the game is the camera angles. It seems to be kind of pain in the ass. It will pan out and you will find yourself wondering what the hell just happen. The fights though are overly predictable, it just seems to be the same thing over and over again. You have have to build your keypower slowly and it did nothing to hold my attention for very long. There are 70 characters but there are no real differences between them, which is very disappointing. Also, playing with friends locally sucks, it is a split screen and hard to follow.

The graphics and visuals are very striking. It has really adapted the appearance of the TV series. Probably the best feature. I think this is what anime games are all about. The audio and voice acting are also well done (they are accurate). The smoothness of the presentation and progress of the game is noticeably good which you cannot find in other anime games.

In conclusion, I am disappointed with this game and wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. Not the greatest fighting game by any means!