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Videogame developers whose leaning is into sports find it hard to make a game that will outshine the previous versions of a certain sport. There are still successful sequels like NHL 09 and NBA 10 that really outshined their predecessors. And now, EA Canada has successfully made a FIFA title that is really better than notable prior efforts. FIFA 10 features improved artificial intelligence, ball physics, and even graphics. Indeed, FIFA 10 has retained its traditional tone but still managed to greatly improved and outperform its forerunner.

Though FIFA 10 lacks the expected giant-leap forwards in game developing which include graphics that are really fantastic, the game still delivers the kick that catapults it to the roster of high ranking sports genre of videogames.

There is the Virtual Pro mode that should be implemented in all EA Sports game in the following years. The beginning is somewhat similar to the “Be a Pro” Mode, which can still be found in the game. You are able to create your own player, mold the attributes of your character to suit your play style, and even design the look of character that might resemble your own. You also have the leeway to use Gameface to upload a photo virtually get yourself into the game. Though not really perfect, it just works fine, compared to other previous iteration that is noticeable in Fight Night Round 4.

After you create your own football star, it’s time to start the game. Starting the game truly enunciates the difference between the Virtual Pro and the “Be a Pro”. In Be a Pro, your role is just a fledgling baller. While in Virtual Pro, you can play in any mode of the game. You can let your character practice with the new practice arena, you can also let you character be in the Play Now mode, you can also play in the Manager Mode, or you can even go online and play in the Pro Club Championship alongside with other Virtual Pros. All these modes are essential in developing your character; which is usually done with an accompanying laundry list of tasks to do, ranging from short-term tasks to tasks that will lead you to your career.

Virtual Pro proves to be a slightly more reachable approach to the career modes of past FIFAS, hardcore soccer fans might as well have a great time with the practice arena. You can fight with other squads here and you can have free kicks by creating your own custom set pieces. These custom set pieces are similar to that of NHL’s create-a-play feature. Soccer fans will totally love this feature and those who just play the game will enjoy great pleasure as well.

FIFA 10 also has great commentators that will surely regale you with great commentaries. With Andy Gray and Clive Tisley as the commentators in the game, you certainly be followed. And you will even be provided with insights through commentaries from the two.

Indeed, with the features that equip FIFA 10, it is undoubtedly the ultimate soccer experience in the XBOX 360 console. With modes that will truly define your addiction to soccer, fans will never be disappointed. If you are among the many that eagerly await the release FIFA 10, you are most assured that it’s worth the wait and it’s an absolute fact that you will never be disappointed.