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This is just one of the animation films of Dreamworks that became very successful in the box office. No wonder it was quickly adapted into a game for Xbox 360 and other game consoles. The tie-in of the movie with the game is just awesome as you still can remember freshly all the scenes of the film with this game.

If you have ever enjoyed that one particular animated movie and would love to play it in your game gadget, well, fans of the Megamind do not need to think about that since the game has finally been released. It is always nice to control your favorite animation character and help him with his missions. This is what you will feel when you play this game. The appeal that the movie had for its audience it will also have for gamers.It is highly entertaining and fun.

The story starts as a crime wave hits the city. Your aim is to stop the villains. In this game, you get to control the main character, Megamind, and let him jump, throw switches, kill things and solve all the puzzles being thrown at you. The target gamers of the game are mostly children so expect a little simplicity and the lower levels of difficulty. So for each level, you will be given tons of obstacles and puzzles to play. As you win each stage, you also get closer to the villains who committed the crimes.

The controls of the game have been made simple so that kids, the main target audience, can easily pick them up. The animation was also made more colourful and child friendly. The graphics are well executed as well as the audio; the voice acting is superb just like in the film. That extra touch of humor has helped to make the game more enjoyable and prevented it from becoming boring. The presentation made things better and the production team did a good job in presenting the game for a varied audience age group. This game will certainly have the kids enjoying every scene.

All in all, Dreamworks’ Megamind – Ultimate Showdown is one of the best games ever released at present. It is totally entertaining, hilarious fun, and exciting. It is made for children but even adults will get addicted to this game. If you loved the film, you will also love the game. It sure did a good job in adapting parts from the film. Playing the game almost feels like watching the movie all over again. I would recommend this game to anyone that liked the film.