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When talking about FIFA, all you normally think about is soccer played in big stadiums. This game is all about the sport of soccer, but in places other than official grounds, and in a style unique to the streets and parking lots. But to add a new ingredient to it, they have added extra styles to play the game. With FIFA Street 3, soccer is not just about scoring goals. This isn't just the same soccer game, though.

the soccer action of this game is fast-paced and fun, and not really for beginners; you should have your skills ready when you decide to play it. It has a single player mode and multi-player mode. For the single player, movements and game plan are limited. There are different new locations that you will be playing in. The fun part of the game is that you get to play real famous names from the soccer world. The “street” locations are made up of such places as beachside, parking lots, playgrounds, rooftop and an oil rig, seven in all. The skills needed in these new locations are not the orthodox ones and vary with from place to place.

I do like how each stage is vastly different. However, some of the moves are kind of unreliable. The ball actually seems to have a mind of its own and your players will sometimes just fall down for no reason at all. There are, unfortunately, no points for performing tricks which is a strange omission.

When it comes to the movements of the players, there really is nothing new to it. You still get those familiar moves that are used in soccer The winner is determined by the goals scored in a game just like a regular soccer game goes. The way you score and how many goals you make is what is important in this game, obviously. This is when a game plan will be needed. You can use this much in the multi-player mode. You can play the street challenge mode and of course, the multi-player competition. You can play with eight players online and compete with or against each other. If you play online, you may also join a world competition where you compete with national teams of different countries.

The graphics are better compared to other soccer games for Xbox 360. I like the cartoon style characters. The audio and sounds also appeared clear and crisp. The presentation is very good making the game even more interesting and prevented it from becoming too conventional. And the changes done to the locations have given more challenge to the gamers. Now, they do not just have to play in their usual soccer field. Skills will vary as they play on different locations.

I would have to say this game is just alright, but nothing great. There are a lot of missed opportunities and new plays that could have been dreamed up for soccer in the world outside of stadiums. I would rate it 6.5 out of 10