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If you have been shocked by the action-packed, underwater experience brought by BioShock, then prepare yourself for even more astonishments with its sequel BioShock 2. The first BioShock stunned gamers with its great first person shooter. With BioShock 2 already released, fans will take in more kick in the teeth with improved features in this sequel.

Set in an underwater city named Rapture, which interestingly has amazingly built skyscrapers, BioShock 2 continues the underwater adventure started in the original version. BioShock 2 also maintained the very powerful gameplay mechanics, graphics and audio presentation of its predecessor. It is no surprise that this sequel is now making its way to the top choice in the gaming world.

You can easily identify several slight differences from its predecessor. The gameplay is separated into single-player story mode and multiplayer competitive modes, so this sure is a big game to play. The main gameplay still remains intact, though. It still has the same combination of weapons and special powers called plasmids to help you throughout your battle with freaky enemies on an adventure that will lead you within the deep recesses of Rapture, divulging horrid secrets along the way. How the gameplay progresses also remains intact. You still undergo stages where you perform certain tasks. BioShock 2 can be quite familiar especially to the fans of its predecessors but they are sure to experience a few changes that have been added.

The game is set 10 years after the end of BioShock; and you’re going to miss the main character, Jack, because he’s not a part of its sequel anymore. In BioShock 2, your character is a Big Daddy who is a prototype of the giant deep sea divers from its predecessor. In here, you are looking for a certain Little Sister in Rapture which is overtaken by the Big Sister, who has been kidnapping children from coastal cities around the world. The plot of this game is even more emotional and will truly put you into moral crossroads being a Big Daddy. Big Daddies, for those who are not familiar with the fiction of BigShock, are protectors of the little sisters. Big Daddies were sort of not important in the previous installment, but this time, the character is even more exemplified being the main character of the game. In BioShock, there are certainly more battles for Big Daddy and a lot of encounters with the Big Sister, which makes the game more challenging. Indeed, this sequel to BioShock has improved much of its gameplay that it incorporates interesting features that makes the game fun to play.

Player movements have a more natural quality to it as Bioshock’s controls respond to the touch remarkably well and with the appropriate speeds for aiming and turning. The Xbox 360 version is equipped with a light auto-aim feature that helps with thumb-stick’s inaccuracy, in comparison to a mouse. But there’s no reason to get upset; you still get to demonstrate your prowess, as the fight do require certain levels of skills. Another interesting thing about this version is it allows you to modify your play style; but switching powers weapons in the middle of a combat can get distracting at some points because you need to put the game on “Pause” to access the selection menu.

The graphics of BioShock 2 may not be as impressive as that of its predecessor, but an exquisite art style reigns throughout the city of Rapture making it one of the most interesting cities in the video gaming world. The audio of BioShock 2 is also created well, adding up to the entire mood and feel of the game. Generally, the gameplay has been tweaked and refined so well that it has totally made the action sequence and excitement throughout the game much more enhanced. It’s a brilliant example of how you can combine all elements of game design and succeed to the wildest degree beyond your imagination.