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Sega Superstars Tennis is all about playing Tennis with a twist. The Tennis games feature 15 Sega classic game characters. The characters are all well known and recreated here to play tennis. You can play with or against any of them and travel through well known and well loved SEGA game landscapes, some of which you will not have seen rendered with the quality of graphics used here, and play in tournaments at all of them if you so wish. All the characters are different in their strengths and weaknesses and have varying degrees of skill allowing you to match, or for more fun, mismatch them. There are even characters from SEGA games making up the spectators and guest appearances by some famous ones.

The courts, on which you can play doubles or singles, are of fantastical designs and so are pretty unusual, but then, so are the players and their methods of play. The music fits in well with the mood of the game. But what are equally in this game are the mini games that it offers. Most of these mini games are incorporated in with the tennis. You can have puzzles, rockets, arrows and other distracting games to play, giving a break from the constant banging of balls.

It’s an interesting variation on the tennis theme and is well thought out and has a great deal of visual humor; watching such unlikely characters darting about a strange tennis court is a joy in itself.