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'New Super Mario Bros' released for the Nintendo DS is part of the mario franchise which has plagued the gaming world for what seems like an eternity, the game would be considered an action platformer and was developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the DS.

If you have been addicted to video games since the 90s, you’ve probably developed an addiction to the Super Mario Bros. It’s one of those first few games that people used to play on older game consoles. It has also proved to be very addictive to children and adults alike.

The popularity of the Super Mario Bros. game has now gone several levels higher with new versions of the game in more modern game consoles. It is unquestionably a forever part of the history of video games.

The newest Super Mario game called 'New Super Mario Bros' released for the Nintendo DS is beyond doubt something special. It remains true to its roots depicting Mario’s side-scrolling environments, with almost the same but more enhanced look and feel; and even a gameplay that has an unbelievably classic touch to it. There are new elements that add up to the game making the game even more fun.

It’s the first time in 15 years that a new Super Mario game has been classically designed. New Super Mario Bros. features stunning 3D graphics in a 2D gameplay. Although this new version offers a variety of superb changes in the game to fans and gamers; almost all of the original elements remain intact. The main plot and central goal of the game is … you guessed right – To SAVE THE PRINCESS!

This game doesn’t have much of plus points for its story, as the original concept, which is Mario going up levels to the challenge of making it to the castle, collecting coins, defeating Koopas, Goombas, and all other oddly-named monsters of Mushroom Kingdom, is still basically the same. If you have played the original before, you surely need a refresher because this game in Nintendo DS is just about the same except for some breezy twists. It is a remarkable super sequel to the original.

It actually took more than a decade to develop the Mario mechanics in the side-scrolling design. The dilemma was, how could the company further go without wandering from the existing formula of run/jump/bounce and without ending up in a game that is not-so-Mario? Fortunately for the creators, they were able to successfully and beautifully do the innovation without departing from the original concept.

There are a number of areas which made it quite ideal to produce the new Super Mario game on Nintendo DS. For one, the market of hand held game consoles is more open to game designs like the side-scrolling action games. And two, Nintendo DS has more horsepower under its console than the system of Game Boy Advance. The advancements of the gameplay is more likely brought by the capabilities of the Nintendo DS processor and not the system’s more unique elements.

the presentation of the game is terrific and really well-designed, overall. The only disappointment is that the extras found in the game are recycled mini-games from the Super Mario 64 DS. Other than that, fans and gamers can count on pure delight and enjoyment of the game’s presentation. The graphics of the game are also quite awe inspiring. The really slick hybrid 2D/3D engine enables level designers to have some splendid effects and gameplay elements.

These are stuff that weren’t really possible way back in 2D days. The sound is also exquisite. There is of course the unforgettable, very famous Classic Mario soundtrack that goes with each level and with Mario’s voice now more enhanced in each level; there really isn’t any reason to complain. So you ask, and the gameplay? Well, there’s no doubt about it; you have to be exceedingly picky not to give it an excellent rating.

Indeed, 'New Super Mario Bros' will forever be remembered in the video gaming world and the DS version is no exception. It’s one of those games that remain original yet offer fun that is at par with the challenges of the newer hybrids in the video-gaming world.