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Your main objective is to progress through levels by keeping the snaking, meandering balls away from a golden head. These balls spit out of the mouth of a frog which is rotating on the spot. You have to knock or guide them into gutters causing them to roll down its temples by clearing the colored balls rolling down the gutters. You will be controlling the frog. When three or more similar colored balls match up this causes the chain of balls to collapse, hopefully setting of a chain reaction and so eliminating even more balls. Of course you have seen the same thing before using cubes or blocks but this game has some novelty value. There are several levels that give different kinds of twists and turns on the basic theme, and, of course, different levels of difficulty. The stages and levels all have different designs with sometimes more than one gutter to complicate things.

There are helpers within the game like an aiming tool, a tool that can shoot combos, and a tool that will blast a few number of balls. One of the things I really like is this is a no brainer game. Not saying you don't have to have a brain to play it but after awhile you can just get really into it, kind of like Tetris; not a bad thing to say as Tetris is a classic.

A variation on a tried and tested match up three format but with some good new ideas and a perfect way of passing some time enjoyably. Well worth what you will pay for it as when you put it away you will, at a later date, find yourself taking it out again for some more attempts.