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People do often say that the greatest ideas are also the simplest. When Nintendo unveiled the four-player mode of the New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, people thought that Nintendo has already lost its creative juices. But now that the New Super Mario Bros. is already here, it’s hard to think that the new mode is a downgrade of the legendary game.

The original Super Mario game has a formula that is so easy to understand that its very simplicity became its charisma in the video gaming industry. You just run make left and right turns, and jump until you reach the new level. That’s it. There are no sophisticated moves or weapons. Just try one level, do the same moves over and over; and you’d probably get the whole trick. Amazingly, it appears to be the charm that has made the game quite famous to date.

This new Super Mario game on Wii reiterates the same Super Mario world vibe. It has playful ingenuity, lumpy environmental hazards, and power-ups that have been refined almost perfectly. This new Super Mario game might not be totally original but much of the game remains familiar to gamers who have played previous classic games by Nintendo. This new game is infused with Nintendo’s trademark of excellence in design, using the traditional Mario figures and giving it a new twist.

Mario has new abilities in this game that have very significant improvements from the DS game’s largely superficial inclusions. Here, the propeller outfit and penguin suit play a vital part in the game. These two can grant you abilities that will be to your advantage when used wisely. You can zip over troublesome areas, freeze enemies to become ice cubes and use them to defeat multiple enemies or have better maneuverability underwater.

Also one of the game’s favorite characters, Yoshi is back, too! It adds up to the game being skillfully designed; and has remained as family-friendly as ever. Nintendo might be pushing the multiplayer focus on Wii; but it is absolutely a bona fide Mario platform, whether played alone or in groups.

Speaking of the new multiplayer mode, it is also unquestionably fun. You can have a full group of friends play with you in either story-mode or multiplayer-specific extras, New Super Mario have become thoroughly compulsive with its chaos that is hilariously slapdash. What makes it an incredible game is its lack of enforced objectives. The game is not competitive and not even cooperative. The main goal is, to reach the end. This alone makes the New Super Mario Bros. a superb, relaxing, undemanding game to play.

The overall presentation is stunning, to put it modestly. Nintendo has polished it flawlessly this time. The graphics also look astounding. It may not be the best but the combination of 2D and 3D graphics works so faultlessly. The audio and sound effects also accompany and complement the game so well. With familiar ditties and new arrangements, players will no doubt have the most enjoyable fun time with the game. I bet you’re toying with the question, “And the gameplay?” Awesome! Though it remains true to its roots, it doesn’t detract from working perfectly and giving players pure, unadulterated fun.

Sure, Super Mario might come as quite too familiar. A new game with the same good ol’mechanics might not wow us to the extreme. The thing is, it’s a Nintendo classic, with new twists, enhanced appearance and much improved features - and that says a lot!