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This fast-action puzzle game is very similar in style and game play to the classic Tetris and can become quite as addictive. The aim of the game is to line up the brightly coloured jewels into rows, and the more you can line up the more points you get. There are timed and untimed options within the game which requires you to switch colored jewels to form rows as they fall down the screen. Ocasionally an explosive jewel appears and needs to be removed before it times out and explodes taking with it other gems and causing a restart of the game. There is also an online multiplayer option.

Although not as good as the classic Tetris it is as playable with the similar feeling that just another try would get me an even higher score. As the levels ramp up the speed of the falling gems is increased making for a game that has an inbuilt time limit, apart from any added in, because there is a limit to the speed at which you can respond for any length of time. Some pattern recognition skills and a little strategic thinking come in useful.

The graphics are well designed and are up to the job, nothing fancy is required, and there are sound effects with voiced comments on some of the moves.

A good game of its type which asks to be played over and over again by all ages.