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Making this kind of video game has its accompanying heavy burdens. Most people expect a great game inspired by the greatest performer of all time. To make this game successful, the loyal fans of Michael Jackson should be really impressed. It must relate to the passion that Michael Jackson shared with us onstage. This video game after all, is a dancing game and there is nobody better in dancing than the King of Pop himself.

The main concept of the video game is patterned from Ubisoft’s other creation, Just Dance, except that the tracks used in the video game are the songs and dance music created by Michael Jackson. The Experience can be likened to Just Dance 2 – with all songs readily open and accessible right off the bat. Players copy the on-screen dancers’ steps like mirror-images. The 26-song track includes Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, and Smooth Criminal, among others. Each song has its own variation of the iconic dance routines and related music video; thus, you can see zombies in “Thriller”, for instance. This is a good start to the game especially for Michael Jackson’s fans. The track selection is quite impressive, albeit few in number and despite not having any downloadable content site to help expand the list; nonetheless, making the players relive the fantastic performances by the King of Pop and get a definite kick as they dance to his music. Moreover, the unrestricted scoring system effectively wards off any feeling of intimidation from discouraging the players to dance their best.

One remarkable improvement, which is some kind of departure from being just another Just Dance is the challenge of dancing not only as the main performer but as solo backup dancer or with three other wigglers. The game’s presentation is extraordinarily clean and provides enough interactive communication between player and video game. With the game’s own reward system, the player can eventually unlock videos that teach different moves and dancing steps.

Apart from these little trimmings, however, The Experience fails to deliver the necessary punch to make this game an all time success. All in all the video game is great but still it lacks the emotion and passion emanated by Michael Jackson on the dance floor and on stage. The Video game fell short of the hype as a tribute to the King of Pop. The creators of the video game should have doubled their effort in making this video game, with full awareness of giving justice to the musical legacy that Michael Jackson has left behind. The fans undoubtedly felt excited, but probably only on a superficial level as the game itself fell short of higher expectations. The game can certainly rock with you; just lower your expectations.