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Nintendo has again outdone itself by inventing a sequel to their 2007 Phantom Hourglass. The same hero, Link, now faces new challenges in The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. The plot has its time set a century after the Phantom Hourglass; where Link is a train engineer who goes to Hyrule Castle for the royal blessing he needs to become a truly qualified engineer. Well, the plot thickens, of course and everything goes wrong; but unlike its predecessors, the princess isn’t kidnapped or locked away, instead she gives him a note informing him that the spirit tracks which run around Hyrule Castle is slowly disappearing. Throughout the game, Link and Princess Zelda travel around places to restore power to the Tracks and recover Zelda’s body from the Demon’s tower.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has retained most of its features but there are some new additions. You can still see Beedle marketing his merchandise; and you still encounter boulders and enemies to break and annihilate. But the game has now become more intense and exciting because of added features or characters like the hidden rabbits that you should find and capture, for instance. You can also bring items for trading and let commuters ride between stops; where the challenge is to follow the signs and stop accurately at platforms.

Another great new feature is Princess Zelda’s ability to alter her skill sets depending on what Phantom she possesses when inside the Tower of Spirits. Together, Link and Zelda become an awesome duo that can solve puzzles and destroy enemies. Having full control of the Phantom both manually or automatically likewise takes the game to a whole new level. There is minor setback when it comes to the automation of the Phantom, though. Their Path-finding isn’t that smart, so do expect small bloopers like falling into quicksand once in a while when there’s a completely good bridge; walking straight into walls and some other blunders. Using manual control to take charge may become a hindrance when you’re in a tight situation and you need a quick back-up. The ability to play different characters like Link and the Phantom is a great opportunity to cover each character’s weaknesses; thus, making the game more enjoyable and entertaining.

These new additions, however, does not avert the fact that there are also some glitches to this installment. First, it is undeniably longer than its predecessor, the Phantom Hourglass, with all its options for extensions. Second, there is a mix of confusing controls purportedly designed to make everything smoother; but when you get to a tight spot they can interfere with your strategy rather than help.

But these are just small drawbacks to this new Nintendo DS game. Link’s adventures in the new Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks will definitely satisfy your craving for more of the sliding blocks and puzzles you love. They won’t have big surprises but you can definitely get new tricks from enhanced old stuff. It’s totally a blast for all Link and Zelda fans out there.