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This game allows players to choose a team and manage it through the off season as well as the playing season. It is very important to take note even of small details and this is definitely true for this game. You need to perfectly choose a team roster that will work comfortably with each other. A small error will definitely cost the team a lot and so the real challenge relies in the selection process. There will soon be emerging problems like player rumours of player transfers. Like real football, players get affected by the whole events in the season; publicity for one can cause your players to get disappointed.

The graphic quality is very rich and contains almost real crowd reactions. You’re like watching a real football player score a goal and the crowd swells with a successful kick. The game also comes with the usual referee calls and cards. However, the physical contacts are not as noticeable in the screen and this may leave players wondering what has happened. These odd glitches do not gravely affect the entire game but still it makes the game less appealing.

It is also frustrating that you have a limited control over the personnel and the formation team. This is something that is crucial in football as you need to place the striker in just right position to score a goal. It is equally as important in having defenders at the field’s weak points. But what’s more, the manager is virtually incapable of training his team post-match. Of course you need to do some scolding after a poor performance; this is just nonexistent in the game.

Also noticeable is the games new style of scouting and training, something that is much like what a real football manager does. You can train your players to drive deeper, go round the goalie instead of going head-on, or spread across the field for a defensive stance. These could have made a great game except for the fact that you do not have a good lineup and positioning. The training also allows your players to practice free kicks which is definitely a welcome addition as you get to grips with how free kicks are taken. Unfortunately, there are instances where player fails to make any contact.

Scouting system is the games highlight feature. It allows you scout from other foreign countries provided that it fits your budget. As your scout learns the area, he will eventually suggest future players to help boost your lineup.

Adding to the unique training and scouting system of Championship Manager 2010, it has also new interesting features such news reports which turn the game into real life football. The sound effects perfectly fit the feeling of football. The stadium is filled with the deafening “ooh” and “ah” of thousands of spectators. This draws your emotional attachment to the whole game.