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Partially based on the Lemmings’ concept, World of Goo will bring players into a challenging game of wit and intellect. Awww man this game to takes me back! Players need to guide the globs of goo through the fatal terrain towards the pipes that engulfs them. This unusual task must be done to turn the cute blobs into nodules that will build a towering framework until it reaches the exit pipe. When the exit pipe is reached by the structure, the goo blocks will turn into their original forms and run away for freedom. I really really love this game!

Every level offers a different kind of challenge. Usually the player needs to save a number of goo balls to move to the next level, so the player needs to be very smart in using the goo balls. It really does get pretty hard at times. The main goal of the game is to reach the exit pipe and let the goo balls transfer to the other end, so that you can play the next round. If you fail to reach the required goo balls, you will need to repeat the level until you get it properly. The scores will be based on both the number of goo balls saved and the duration of time spent on that level.

Unlike most games, World of Goo uses the real idea of structural mechanics in order to win the game. In other words, for the goo balls to transfer properly, the Goo towers need to be balanced so they it will stand, or else it will fall if the other side of the base is not properly supported. There are specially marked goo like the balloon goo that help balance the elevation and length of the tower. These special items are very useful in maintaining the proper stance of your tower.

It may sound very easy, but in truth it’s very difficult. Exit pipes are normally a long passage so you need to carefully study the structure you’re making or it will just end up being wobbly which will definitely affect the transfer of goo balls to the next level. The whole game is like stacking up Jenga blocks except that this time it’s on the virtual world. So the real challenge in the game is to study the physics of goo balls and its correct placement in the structure you’re planning to build. The game is made up of 48 missions so you have a long way of thinking and studying the perfect way to make the game easier.

To add more, there are very challenging levels where your usual way of making structures will not work. For example, the froggy swamps have poorly balanced bridges so you need to be extra careful with building the tower. This is where the special goo balls are very helpful so you need to carefully study what each can do to make your tower stand properly. The game has lots of challenging levels and you will definitely get hooked.

The graphic design, though, appears very generic. It may also appear too dark that distinguishing black goo balls are a bit hard. If it had been made more colorful it would have added to the whole appeal of the game. Finally, World of Goo is like playing our all time favorite games in a new way and a lot more challenging environment.