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With this game you get exactly what it says on the label. With Theme Hospital you can look forward to creating a hospital and construct scenes in it that you may come across in a real hospital, and attempt to overcome all the many difficulties and meet all the challenges that running a real hospital presents.

You have to juggle combinations of the welfare of your patients, the needs and safety of your hospital’s medical and ancillary employees, and the limited budget and medical facilities at your disposal. This is a game of strategy, quick thinking and calculation. It is, as the name suggests very similar to other theme games but with, in my opinion, a very much more interesting and entirely different scenario. In this game, some of the medical facilities included in your responsibilities are X-Ray machines, scanners, electro cardiograph devices and many more advanced bits of technology.

You are also responsible for such in hospital services as pharmacies, operating theatres, emergency rooms and all the other necessary hospital departments. You will also have to deal with the finances of the site, making sure your services will earn enough money to pay your employees, maintain facilities and, most importantly, look after your patients, hopefully, eventually discharging them after curing them. So strategy is very well tested in this game, and, if you are up to the basic task of running your hospital you can go for expansion with even greater challenges.

The success or failure of the hospital will all depend on you. The game keeps you on your toes, your mind working towards the successful running of a very complex exercise in management skills. It has good graphics, realistic voices and movement, also with a degree of humor. There is also a demo version that you can download to see if it is for you, so what have you got to lose.

If you enjoyed playing sim city and other theme games then you will also enjoy Theme Hospital. Playing this game will make you realize just how complex and exacting the life and death decisions needed in the running of a hospital really are. Fascinating, varied, and full of unforeseen incidents, it is well worth getting hold of. I can highly recommended it and at the current price its a snip.