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Great Battles Medieval PS3 Trophies

Complete the following tasks below to unlock the trophies within the game.

Bronze trophies
For God and King - Win first battle as English.
For the Fleur de Lis - Win first battle as French.
The First Step - Recruit first troop.
Tactician - Complete a flanking maneuver.
All Around the World - Get a unit into each corner of the screen.

Silver trophies

Power in Numbers - Recruit max number of units.
Best 2 of 3 - Win a Short Tug of War.
Best 5 of 7 - Win a Long Tug of War.
Conquer the Playground - Win a Sandbo Match.
Serf - Kill 500 troops.
Knight - Kill 1000 troops.
Vassal - Kill 2000 troops.
Mounted Unit to Level 10 - Get a mounted unit to level 10.
Knights to Level 10 - Get a knight unit to level 10.
Infantry to Level 10 - Get a infantry unit to level 10.
Archers to Level 10 - Get a ranged unit to level 10.
10 Heads are Better than One - Recruit 10 units.
Master Strategist - Win a level with all unit types.
Let the Battle Begin - Complete the Tutorial.
Invincible - Win a battle without losing a unit.

Gold trophies
Glory to the English - Win the English campaign.
Defender of the Crown - Win the French campaign.
Prince - Kill 5000 troops.
King - Kill 10000 troops.

Platinum trophy
Medieval Master - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.