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Needless to say, the game has been developed with a very low budget and the creator (Midway) made such a terrible game that playing it leaves a feeling of distaste and dissatisfaction. As though impervious to the fact that nobody is pleased with game, Midway came up with yet another disaster. Game Party 3 is a horrendous rehashed version of the first two; it makes me want to scream with frustration.

There are no differences among the three instalments; the lineup of the games are still pretty much the same with the inclusion of Skee ball, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Hoop Shot, Shuffleboard, Darts, Puck Bowling, Beanbags and the same old boring trivia questions. Probably as a token, new games are also added to the series and now include Bumper Pool, Billiards, Racquet Ball, Smack-a-Troll (you can probably guess what this game suggests) and Croquet. To top it all, a Mini-Golf game is also incorporated with complete disregard about the Physics aspect – like the game was added as an afterthought. It simply indicates how poorly crafted the games are and clearly shows that the programmer didn’t even bother to put some effort (nor time) to add up to the challenge.

The games still carry the same issues; including the blatantly erroneous first generation controller, which is a complete failure as the remote is completely off-mark to visual cues and motion sensing. Of course, it makes it difficult for the player to correct any motion. And if I may be permitted to be a fault-finder just to drive the point; the hideous appearance further aggravates all the short-comings.

In fairness, I must say there’s one little change that lends a bit of cool surprise. Midway recreated the Root Beer Tapper into a parlor game. To their credit, this was done more realistically and it’s quite heartening that someone, at least at one point or another, thought about some real-world relevance to the miserable game design. Unfortunately, it’s still the lousy to play with Wii remote and couldn’t save the whole fiasco.

This is just a lousy game from top to bottom. So, there is no single good reason to try Game Party 3. Well, maybe the low, low price (commensurate to its very low quality) might be irresistible to some. I have been fooled once with the previous instalment but there’s no way I’d even consider going through that vexing experience again.