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Super Scribblenauts DS Cheats

Here are some useful words which you can use in Super Scribblenauts to aid in your quest


PEGASUS - It can fly too!
WINGS - Equip these for more flying!
TIME MACHINE - By typing "Time Machine" you can go though 5 eras: Dinosaurs, Egypt, Knights, Old West and Present/Future time.
ARCADE (MACHINE) - Tap the machine to play a minigame where you must tap rockets to stop them from falling
EXPLODING BARREL - Explodes on contact with anything, including the ground
MAXWELL'S NOTEBOOK - When you want a random object, but are too lazy to think of one
INVINCIBILITY CLOAK - Put this on and you'll take no damage
INVISIBILITY CLOAK - Harmful creatures won't be able to see you with this item equipped
POCKET KNIFE - (Weapon) Infinitely useful!
LUNAR LANDER / LUNAR ROVER - Cancel out gravity in style -- the Lander is more compact
BLACK HOLE - This seems to wipe out everything in Super Scribblenauts -- beware!
SHRINK RAY - Shrink any enemy creature to a more manageable size
FREEZE RAY - Freeze enemies in a cube of ice (temporarily)
CHI - A friendly, floating Chinese dragon you can ride
REINDEER - It can fly!


HYPNOTIZING - Creatures will follow Hypnotizing items and make nearby enemies non-hostile
SUPERSONIC - Huge speed boost. Useful for mounts, vehicles, and wings
SCRIBBLENAUTICAL - Wear Maxwell's hat
DEADLY - Attacking with a Deadly item will destroy anything in one hit