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While this addition to the many chess titles on the market is not new, it came out in 2007, chess itself is very much older and much more complex that a non player can even imaginine. This, of course is a criticism that can be levelled at all courses aimed at newcomers no matter what format these courses come in; book, video or video game. Fortunately if you want straight instruction with no gimics it does not really matter which platform you play it on.

There is a very basic, but necessary tutorial to familiarize you with pieces and their positions and moves. It is useful at the early learning stages to be able to retake a move if you realize that it is not a wise one. Also you can remove any clock time limits on moves as it is unheard of for a newcomer to compete against the clock.

After some basic games you can take on computer generated opponents of varying degrees of difficulty, the higher degrees are also suitable for non-newcomers. The game of chess is in itself one of much fulfilment and great challenge. You need much concentration and patience while thinking out your moves although the computers responses are fairly fast. Any playing scenario,be it on a normal board or a computing device is welcome if it encourages the playing of this, the king of games and the game of kings.

For the most part, although not much different from other titles with non gimmicky graphics, this is a pretty well put together package, and as with any form of chess game, will provide the basics for a lifetime of improvement at the game.