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First of all, if you are a Marvel super hero fan you will find that this game packs everything you could possibly desire in a game. If you are not a fan, then hard luck.

If there is a game that anyone keen on Marvel would want to play, it would be a game where the players know who the characters are. This is already a plus factor for this game; fans of the comic already know its characters and their powers. Marvel Super Hero Squad is packed with super heroes known to many, which you get to pick as members of your squad. And of course, like any other super hero story, this game focuses on the idea of hero versus villain. Each super hero will fight a villain also well known to people from the comic series. You will, as ever, get that well loved brawling in this game with attacks like, jump, punch, fire, grab and kick. And the main goal is to finish off the villains.

The story plot of the game is good, voice acting is great and graphics are passable. The interface and presentation are very good. The motion, presentation and transition are also well done. Missions are of different levels of difficulty which makes it challenging and exciting as well. The characters are also well presented and portrayed.

All in all, the game Marvel Super Hero Squad has lived up to the reputation of their comic stories. Of course, you cannot expect more from its plot to be much more than it is because of the material it is based on, it’s very much the same old themes but with familiar characters. OK for some but otherwise a non starter.