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NBA Jam is a fast and furious game with many amusing effects on the side. This NBA Jam for Xbox 360 has added modes and effects. It is almost like watching a real NBA game; with the announcer, the players, the audience and the moves, this game comes close to reality. The best thing about this game is that it allows up to four players. So you get a two-on-two game with your friends.

It has better graphics, motions and visuals. The audio is also amusing and entertaining. The movements are realistic. And the features or appearances of the players are almost like the real person. It also has quite a few humorous bits and other player antics added to it which adds to the entertainment.

Like the real NBA game, you can do all sorts of moves on a player like alley hoops, different kinds of dunks, 3-point shots, hook shots, jump shots and a lot more. The movements of the players and how they are in the hard court are also imitated in this game. You can enter a tournament or just any special game like 2-on-2 or dunk competitions. So competing with your friends in this game will make it more enjoyable and fun. And, aside from the basketball game itself, you can still play other added games if you just want to increase your skills.

NBA Jam is a different kind of game that is specifically for those who love basketball. It is very entertaining as the movements of the players and other characters are very realistic. It is also challenging as you compete with the skills of other players. NBA Jam is the ultimately basketball game that players will enjoy playing in their Xbox 360.