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FIFA 10 on DS has been a long-running dream for game creators. It’s almost like an experiment of putting a complex game in a simple system. Exient has responded quite competently to this challenge and succeeded in coming up with the same high quality at par with other EA Sports games on consoles.

FIFA 10 on DS uses the same approach as that of other FIFA 10 games played on a bigger system, retaining as much visual integrity and fidelity as the DS hardware limitations allow. One smart choice is keeping the stylus away from the main gameplay and making use of shoulder buttons, face buttons, and d-pad for all the moves, instead. Admittedly, the number of moves is rather limited compared to other systems, but there’s still a lot you can do, including doing a chip shot and lobbing a through-ball, among other things. What I miss most, however, is not having enough intricate dribbles that I can execute, given the constraint on the DS control scheme.

There are as many modes as can be expected from a DS iteration, which I think is pretty amazing. Quick Play, Be A Pro, Manager Mode, and Season Mode are all present; plus the multiplayer add-on that’s full of enhanced features, which allow DS players to play the game either through single-card or multi-card connection – or even over Wi-Fi connection, for that matter. The creators also included the option for players to create their own customized team which has mostly been the highlight of FIFA 10 in other systems or consoles.

Be A Pro which is the newest mode of FIFA 10 on DS is unfortunately the weakest, too. The camera angles present such a limited perspective that makes it too difficult to figure out what’s going on. I would have preferred pulled-back camera angles that give a wider view of the playing field rather than focused on player details.

Players of FIFA 10 on DS likewise get a treat with the mini game shootout, which is the only aspect of the gameplay that uses the stylus extensively; putting on further dimension of fun and enjoyment into the game. The unfussy penalty kick also provides latitude to hit the ball in the direction of the goal. This feature also makes blocking a shot easy by just moving your hands to a certain point on the goal and the goalie moves accordingly.

FIFA 10 on DS is a dream-come-true for DS players. Being able to play a more sophisticated game in a simple system is truly remarkable. The game does suffer from minor graphics glitches as would have been expected in a game with this magnitude on a restricted platform; and the AI could do with some ramp up as it doesn’t seem to have any sense of urgency. The game could have been much better with a well-designed Be A Pro mode. Still, this game as a whole is well-worth its retail price. So if you’re a soccer fan, better grab your copy at the soonest possible time. Watch out…this game is going to sell.