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Shivering Isles is a full-grown expansion of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This game offers more by bringing new realms to explore including an extended major quest. The game features more characters, items, armor and enemies where gamers can interact among themselves. Other than the new theme, there are no major modifications when it comes to your gaming experience. Shivering Isles isn't really the most sought-after expansion, but it provides exceptional significance based upon the game’s substance alone, which makes this superb game more exciting.

As you install Shivering Isles, you instantly get access to the game using any character and despite any advancement throughout the game. The new adventures start with a mystifying portal that appears on a nearby island in Nibben Bay. Naturally, gamers like us proceed forward into the portal. There, you get to meet a character named Haskill who informs you that you’ve cross the threshold towards the Shivering Isles, the empire of the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath. The world is split into two – the cheerfully strange world of Mania and the more solemn, vague lands of Dementia. The ruler of the two worlds is Sheogorath. You must perform his deceptive demands and ascend in rank in the Court of Madness. The decisions you make as you fulfill his demands have significant and permanent effects on the game world and storyline.

Most parts of the game are filled with extensive chain of quests. As you accomplish them, you increase your rank and ultimately obtain the title of Madgod of the Shivering Isles. Majority of the quests involves going through complex dungeons and collecting artifacts and battling enemies. Some of these quests are really interesting and tricky. Later in the game, you also become part of an outwardly never-ending sequence of one-dimensional quests that could be very boring. You can engage in various side quests by engaging in conversation the populace in the two principal towns of the story. This is a great diversion after spending too much time in dungeons.

The landscape of the game is fairly different from those you'll find in Tamriel or Oblivion, and it's all very attractive. There are numerous great views that you’ll surely admire. But behind these amazing scenes, a series of enemies are waiting for you, including giant insects, amphibian beasts, and a battalion of knights called The Order.

To battle all these enemies, the game features a new set of weapons, armors, and spells. By collecting recipes and materials through quests, you can even assemble your very own armor and weaponry. When you bring these materials to the proper blacksmiths, you can forge some very powerful pieces of weapons. You need not replace your current stuff with the new equipment; but you can certainly get a higher price for these forged items from the town merchants. Additionally, there are also new magic spells, which includes a useful magic charm that allows you to summon Chancellor Haskill for guidance.

Shivering Isles runs quite well, even though the frame rate trouble from Oblivion is carried through into the expansion. The expansion also has some issues about stability. There are multiple game crashes but this doesn’t detract from the gaming experience. It usually takes about 20 hours to finish the foremost quest line, however there are more to do after that. Shivering Isles offers a more imaginative world of fantasy gaming with the new features, characters and quests.