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The market for handheld games or systems is consistently competitive. Konami’s concept of Pro Evolution Soccer on PSP provides a different approach because it is at par with other FIFA counterparts; this has been the key to the game’s success. Konami created PES for PSP and it has so far been providing a wonderful experience that can match any kind of FIFA game played on different platforms.

The PES 2011 has had some vast improvements done. The passing aspect of the game has been enhanced so that the “through balls” can now be played with team mates with an even higher success rate. The long ball on the other hands has been made a little tougher to execute. The auto-passing aspect is now re-featured and this come-back has taken away some of the challenge as passing the ball to any of your team mates has become a tad too easy. The learning curve for the new players has also been made simpler. so that players can easily familiarize themselves to the gameplay.

To make the gameplay more realistic, the fatigue system has been added to portray the players getting exhausted. This feature restricts player’s performance; you can actually observe them slowing down; thus substitutions become necessary. Speaking of substitutions, nothing much has been done but it’s not really bad either. It’s perplexing why the drag and drop method of substitution has not been integrated on the PSP game but only on other game consoles.

The game does not really have astounding graphics but it is still good looking because it totally depicts real sequences and actions in playing the real game of soccer. This is the most enjoyable part of the PSP game. The sound effects and audio system of the game are very clear. They contain and relay an atmosphere of a real soccer field. The crowd’s enthusiasm is fully presented and two famous soccer commentators are present to provide decent and interesting comments about the game.

The real worth of the game, though, is its play value. You can play it anywhere; being one of the advantages of playing a handheld such as the PSP. There is a multiplayer function created for the game, encouraging several players to test their soccer skills and experience real-life soccer by playing together as a team. This is a nice touch as part of the improvements to the game.

The game is definitely at par with other consoles. It is not perfect but it can certainly give you all of your money’s worth. With its enhanced gameplay it provides one heck of a soccer game experience, especially for those who travel a lot. The convenience of PSP game is its edge over other consoles and the PES 2011 for PSP absolutely delivers.