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Are you one of those thousands that can’t seem to get enough of race car games, be it in the arcade or in the PC? If so, then you have the right game here. Need for Speed Undercover is part of a long line series of Need for Speed games created by EA Games.

The game is set up as a menu-based race scenario capable of being set in the open world with different events you can play to advance your career. You can choose from a variety of events, which you need to accomplish in order to get ahead in the game like basic CIRCUIT, SPRINT races, LAP KNOCKOUTS, DELIVERY, even have cops chase you during a race and quickly disappear as soon as the race is over. The track designs are based on real-life roads and streets, enhanced with a little touch of walls, and sudden turns to give more thrill. They may seem uninspired in its creation but it sure is REAL. If you want to pimp your ride, car upgrades, which are earned over time depending on your progress, are available at your disposal.

The downside to this hugely popular game, which has been the issue of veteran gamers, is the driving physics. Hitting the foot brake leaves you unable to go around; thus, rendered useless when entering a turn. The handbrakes can probably serve you much better on higher-end vehicles, but for earlier models, it generally results in you sliding sideways. Cruising around a tight turn also is a difficult challenge even for more experienced players.

Another funny thing about the game is its Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you seek assistance it causes the computer to catch up with you – even overtake you using the same type of powered vehicle but without the nitrous. It can also take turns better than the actual player, cutting down on lap times. And even funnier, the cars simply crash into incoming cars that get in its way even if that car can be spotted a mile away. The AI doesn’t even try to get out of the way, which probably is the most unrealistic part of the game; since real-world drivers – if not drunk or not fallen asleep – definitely move out of the way of incoming cars to avoid accidents and further traffic on their part.

Even with this entire shenanigan goings on, Need for Speed Undercover is something worthwhile to play if you’re itching to get your hands behind the wheel. And if you’re not afraid to crash your car into someone else’s or have the cops chase you down the road, go right ahead drive fast and furious. Don’t worry, it’s just a GAME.