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Shake those maracas and get into the grove with Samba de Amigo on Wii. There is no need to get that expensive game equipment that costs you about $8. With its built–in maraca functionality, dance enthusiasts can now enjoy every rhythm and jive with Samba de Amigo.

Having six target areas in a hexagon, you have to literally shake your “maracas” along different beats. Once the note appears and is centered on a target area, you have to shake your “maracas” to play it. Also, there are times when you have to show your flexibility by rolling the controllers furiously to match poses on the screen and…hold that pose right there for a few seconds! A total dance floor showdown – every shake you make turns out to be the perfect dance move.

Once you play Samba de Amigo right, the fun is endless. Having enough room space is a must for you to enjoy your dance routines. Hit the right notes and you surely enjoy every minute of the game. A pulsing rainbow, which is a bit distracting at times, comes out of the screen as your shaking goes well through the rhythm – another attraction in Samba de Amigo.

Song choices ranges from mambo, tango, marimba, and other famous songs like Rihanna’s Pon de Replay and Ricky Martin’s songs. Downloadable songs via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection are also possible for a more personalized touch.

But once you finish the easy and normal levels, the game starts to be a pain in the ass. The hard and super-hard difficulties are literally that – DIFFICULT! There are problems regarding consistency and precision. High, middle, and low levels are registered in your Wii. Problems cause notes to appear in rapid succession and you find that most your shakes are not hitting any notes or they are hitting the wrong ones. The fluidity of your dance moves comes to halt as you transform into a robotic danseur you struggling to make your movements as precise as possible. The fuzziness of the Wii is sure to bring you down. Good things unlocking new songs to play other levels in Career mode are made possible – a great way for you to calm your nerves after having troubles getting through the super-hard difficulties. You don’t have to really play hard in unlocking these songs – they’re almost like giveaways.

If you are someone who enjoys dancing and being stupid at it, Samba de Amigo suits you right. You do not need to be a pro on this game. Precision problems may hit you at times, but who cares! As long as you are having fun with the rhythm, then go for it. Samba de Amigo is the best and most inexpensive rhythm game you can buy.