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The movie Caddyshack has truly captured the niche of golfing but Everybody’s Golf 2 (Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2) comes a close second to the movie. For those of you who don’t really get the relevance of putting a ball into a hole, then this might just enlighten you. You’ll be playing bobble headed characters in a simple yet very engrossing gameplay, which makes it among the most addictive games in portable gaming.

Everybody’s Golf 2 is quite special not because of the variety of options or modes it offers; it is on how the game is effortlessly mastered to become a very enthralling experience on a portable console. It’s not even mind-blowing or flawlessly revolutionary; it’s just how perfect the delivery is on PSP. You can allot a great deal of time finishing up a single game of golf or you can sink yourself into games online. This certain balance between playing games on your own and playing games between opponents online is just so spot-on and done perfectly well in Everybody’s Golf 2.

One of the greatest things offered to the table by Everybody’s Golf 2 is its online mode. You can choose between Tournament Mode and Match Play. You can play with 16 players max in a single game. Each player has to complete holes on their own and when the match ends, the one who sits above the rest wins the game.

In Match Play, you are going to compete nose to nose for specific holes; the player who gets the most excellent stroke count wins the game. Moreover, when you connect to an international server, you get to play against players from all over the world - definitely exciting and fun!

Both these modes are also available in Ad-hoc mode. In a stroke-based competition, you can be synced with a limit of 8 players in a game, which is already quite generous. The Tournament Mode works well online where players are situated quite far from each other. The Match Play, on the other hand, works best in local play. Competing with someone near you brings more fun than playing with someone you don’t see or even know.

There are a lot of new characters joining the old characters in Everybody’s Golf 2. However, the only way to unlock them to be used in multiplayer game is to finish the single player Challenge Mode. Similar to a true pro-golfer, you’d be embarking on your career and finishing each stage moves you up your career ladder as a golfer. Challenge Mode is done in the usual manner of going through stages and you can earn cards at the end of the game. When you have collected the required number of cards, a head-to-head match unlocks other items that you may need to enhance your character’s features and play well to finish the stage; thus, unlock a new character. If you think about unlocking the 11 new characters, it’s both challenging to pursue and rewarding enough when you finish the mode.

Everybody’s Golf 2 might not really possess new varieties of modes but it interlocks challenging and exciting games that can definitely entice players. Even if you’re not a fan of golf and you just want to play this game, it can still get you addicted and wanting for more.