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Create a New World has still maintained the core features of Anno’s city building, resource management, explorations and high seas swash buckling. The objective of the game hasn’t changed at all: search for an island, set up your town, and gradually develop your town’s economic status, population and infrastructures. To do this right, you have to carefully study what your people need – food, clothing, materials and many more things – then find resources that can sustain these needs. By successfully providing these “needs”, you are then able to move into the next level and unlock other resources that are essential for the succeeding levels.

Compared to Anno’s huge trail of island, Create New World takes advantage of the smaller islands drifting in the ocean. Due to the limitations, you have to put on more effort to get a balance between the needs of your estates vis-à-vis your production and expansion. Your townspeople need to be in designated areas to reach maximum efficiency.

With simple dragging movements to move your vessels, navigating through sea explorations is pretty much a breeze. Though there are demands and distractions like picky settlers, trade routes, maps, and goal-oriented achievements to unlock, the fast and immediate actions are rewarding.

Astonishingly, Create a New World has two modes for you to enjoy. The Story Mode which gives the users a ten-hour tutorial about everything that you have to know regarding the game is a bit of a bore – no challenge there, that’s for sure. The free-form Continuous Play where all upgrades are possible and where you’re now on your own to develop your populace is something to look forward to.

Anno is proud of its interface, which is clear, has concise menus, and has a control system that is easy to navigate. Clicking and dragging are easy – a perfect accessible package one shouldn’t miss. Though there are minor problems, these are not so discouraging and disappointing when you become engrossed in the game. Anno is visually appealing despite some of its glitches. Music is equally great as it perfectly blends with actions on the game.

Anno: Create a New World the Wii platform offers a new face to the term fun, as you work through its familiar (yet with a slight twist) strategy and techniques. Though some remain speculative about the switch, especially the Anno players that are addicted to the PC version, Anno is still one hell of a game that’s a try. Be delighted and charmed; check out its bright and beautifully designed interface on Wii.