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Justice League Heroes is considered a recycled material. Snowblind Studios just copied the concept of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath. But the result is amazing; the concept has fitted into the atmosphere of the Justice League. With a faster pace than the other game, gamers are likely to appreciate this game compared to other products of Snowblind.

As you might have already guessed, the game’s storyline revolves around the series of attacks made by Brainiac and the Justice League Team has responded with their own brand of retaliations. You notice how the characters seem so dead serious about the situation, with Batman and Superman having constant communication regarding the problem and Flash sharing some insights, too. Yet despite that, you can also detect the underlying humor in the interaction among heroes. And, boy, do they interact! I’ve never seen so many heroes in one game – the story is just simply jam-packed.

Some die-hard Justice League fans may be disappointed that the voices of the game are not those used in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons. But the new voices such as Ron Perlman definitely gave justice to the characters’ personality being portrayed. The sound aspect of the game is pretty fine and imbibes more excitement as the game continues.

The game lets you play as one of the seven main characters of the League, namely, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna interchangeably, mind you. The gameplay concept has been changed and has departed from the typical single-character play. To add some twists, the League Heroes are paired to become one team, which means you can pick two League Heroes as team characters on each level. Kind of exciting, really; but I’d describe it as intriguing, especially that you are allowed the chance to use and perform multi-hit combos. Plus, you can of course use their special powers, such as Superman’s laser-vision and Laser Green’s plasma bolt, among others.

The PSP version is really made for single players. This is quite fine, but it could have been better if the game is played via multiplayer to jive with the entire concept of Justice League Heroes. This limitation actually results in more dealings with the AI. The great news is the A.I’s are made to not disappoint you; luckily, they are built for the challenge, so to speak; which is actually a real challenge and good for honing your gaming skills.

The actions are absolutely fantastic but can get mechanical at times. As you play through the game, your characters gains more experience and eventually learn new moves and special abilities. You can combine these special abilities and boost them up for a more powerful blast to annihilate your enemies. There are specific “boosts” (they look like little orbs) that you can use to enhance your power. These include damage, efficiency, range, luck, speed and duration. You can mix and match them and come up with a devastating impact when you attack. The game is pretty much straightforward to play. It’s almost like cruising your way into one level and advancing to the next – no sweat at all. Enemies drop some useful items that you have to collect. I find collecting the shields rather sensible because when I had enough they let me buy alternate costume (Aquaman is great!). Several mini games are incorporated in the game and are meant to be played to obtain clues, and to make it easier for you, a mini map is also provided to help you find your way.

Snowblind couldn’t be faulted on this; they actually did a good job at recycling the material for Justice League Heroes, turning it into a huge success. With the powerful combination of the aura of Justice League Heroes and the game concept of Baldur’s Gate, Snowblind ultimately arrives at a terrific game. The mistaken notion that I’d be disappointed was quickly dispelled once I started the game. Justice league Heroes definitely has its own unique attributes that actually add to the mystique of the game. It’s worth your bucks…trust me on this one!