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Old school values meet new school techniques – that is what Donkey Kong Country Returns has in store for hardcore gamers out there. Given the fact that DK has been one of the big heroes in platforming, the new challenge in Wii is sure to bring you rolling and jumping. Geared with cruel difficulty, Donkey Kong Returns gives you one heck of a traditional yet superbly challenging game.

Completely replaced with more realistic visuals, Retro Studios wants to give a more traditional experience other than Nintendo. Donkey Kong on Wii has the best and freshest graphics for the gamers today. What you have to do is to recover DK’s stolen banana horde from your jungle friends who are under the control of your enemies. However, K. Rool and his evil bad guys are totally replaced in this version. But don’t fret; a brand new set of baddies and bosses are sure to make your life even more grueling in the game.
Donkey Kong failed to impress me on the first few hours of the game but I was literally at the edge of my seat as the game moved on. The deeper you go in the jungle, the more exciting the game gets. And with a restricted time in each level, you are just going to have a whole lotta fun.

Playing Donkey Kong Country Returns is pure total fun as you exert a huge amount of effort on winning the game that surely isn’t going to happen in just one night. Waggling motions are necessary to control DK. The motions definitely depend on how you maneuver your Wii or Nunchuk. A friendly reminder: be careful with “wagging” your Nunchuk pairing; I tell you, controlling DK can get tricky. Thrusting the control ground pound can send DK right at the edge of a platform.

In addition to the KONG letters and puzzle pieces you have to collect in all levels – remember you can’t finish the entire game 100% until you complete all the pick-ups – Retro thoughtfully throws in a couple of new gameplay mechanics. Climbing – actually clinging) on grassy surfaces does make sense and combines beautifully with the classic platforming in some seriously breathtaking levels. Blowing, on the other hand, comes as a bit of a surprise and actually seems out of place. What I really don’t like about it is it’s much too disruptive to the pace of the game. I have to constantly stop to check if there are hidden treasures beneath “blowable” items and most times I come up with nothing. Not saying it’s a bad addition; it just consumes a lot of time – and it’s not even necessary.

For people who have difficulty getting one level down, an “auto play” option is available for you. A few deaths and you can have the game played for you. The hard-hitting challenge can really get rough on the nerves and this feature comes pretty handy – before you decide to smash your Wii and Nunchuk.

With eight worlds to conquer, DK pushes your skills to the limit – it’s a hell of a hardcore game to play. Impressive 3D images, excellent original jazz soundtrack, and a tough platform game - Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of the most brutal, yet self-satisfying (for some, anyway) platformer game to add to your collection.