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Singing is a great way of expressing oneself and one’s emotions. You can do it anywhere, anytime you feel like it. But for those who love to sound like pros with the music and on the microphones, you can now do karaoke in your own living rooms with your very own Xbox 360 console. The karaoke game Lips was released last 2008 and was the predecessor of Lips: Number One Hits; which let you do what you probably love the most - sing. Now, the second installment is released for the same Xbox 360 console karaoke game; and is called Lips: Party Classics. This second song pack contains 40 famous, well-played songs that many people love and are already familiar with.

This game is just an add-on which means you don’t have to buy new accessories (like the microphones); although if you feel like buying new accessories, it may interest you to know that there is also a new innovation on Lips microphones. These innovative accessories now come as wireless gadgets with some simple motion-sensing features that allow you to do moves like tapping on a tambourine, and the game kind of automatically recognizes your moves; thus making appropriate sounds.

This game has basically the same feature as its predecessor with the single player mode that has a ranking system for players; and the multiplayer mode that features a competition mode or a co-op mode with an add-on of three mini-games. This is a fun game for those who aren’t too competitive because there is no score that says you fail at singing, which could get you pretty much discouraged. The scores are essentially for hitting the notes right; if you can’t hit the high notes, then you get lower scores and vice versa. The motivation comes from endless number of awards you can get and the idea of elevating your rank when you sing the songs right.

Being attached to an Xbox Live allows you to correlate your standing with other singers in the Lips community. You can also buy new tracks to enhance your song list. The Party Classics edition also sport some upgrades like the ability to create your own playlist for convenience.

The modes have been altered, too. The jukebox mode is gone but there is a freestyle mode that lets you coordinate songs from external devices like the Apple iPod. This allows you to sing new songs without necessarily buying new tracks.
Alright, it’s not a perfect world, so even a seemingly perfect game comes with some snags. Since there are different installments and different CDs, jumping from one track to another can be inconvenient when songs are not in the same song pack. Players have to change CDs, which is really a waste of time. But it’s not really a big deal if you really love to belch it out.

For singers and aspiring singers; professionals or amateurs; young and old and just about everyone out there who could and would like to sing, practice and bond with family and friends, Lips: Party Classics is absolutely a great game to enjoy with your original Lips Karaoke Game. When it comes to singing, this game can definitely deliver.